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Bi-Tron Tire Safety Solution


Guaranteed to instantly seal & permanently repair punctures of up to .25" in diameter in the tread area of a tire!

Bi-Tron Tire Safety Solution will maintain your tire pressure at the correct level and increase tire life by as much as 25%.

Bi-Tron TSS

Bi-Tron Tire Safety Solution benefits:

  • Maintains correct tire pressure improving tread life and fuel consumption
  • Seals all internal surfaces of the tire and wheel against air loss
  • Helps preserve the rubber
  • Dissipates tread heat, reducing the major cause of tread wear, increasing tire life and reducing waste
  • Will perform for the life of the tire in any climate
  • Removes the # 1 cause of vehicle immobilization
  • Reduces accidents caused by under-inflation
  • Improves the safety & security of your loved ones
  • Stops tire bead and wheel rim leaks
  • Environmentally safe
  • Cannot void new tire warranties
  • Cannot cause balancing problems

Tire Safety Solution Overview

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Non flammable.
Will not stain or damage clothing.

Under- inflated tires wear out faster, waste fuel (statistics indicate that they increase fuel consumption by as much as 10%) and are unsafe. Installing Natureline's Bi-Tron Tire Safety Solution in your tires will maintain your tire pressure at the correct level and increase tire life by as much as 25%. The 10% percent savings on your fuel bill by having your tires remain at the correct pressure means 10% less fuel is burnt. This not only conserves fuel but prevents it from entering the atmosphere as vehicular emissions (10% of 4 tonnes on an annual basis makes a significant impact).

Your tires themselves are manufactured from oil. Each of the four tires on your car can take as much as half a barrel of crude oil to manufacture. By using Bi-Tron Tire Safety Solution to extend tire life, you are reducing the number of old tires that end up in landfills or burning sites, creating waste and air pollution.

The unique Bi-Tron Tire Safety Solution is unconditionally guaranteed to seal punctures of up to .25" diameter in the tread area of a tire - instantly and permanently - while driving. Bi-Tron Tire Safety Solution is a preventive measure to use before you get a flat tire. It is a non-toxic, non flammable formulation which is installed inside the tires and remains there for the life of the tire, additionally helping eliminate under-inflation. Properly inflated tires last 20 - 25% longer and provide extra fuel economy. Under-inflated tires can add 10% to a car's fuel costs!

Natureline's Bi-Tron Tire Safety Solution is engineered to be compatible with all motorbike tires, passenger automobile tires and even light truck tires (with or without inner tube) at pressures of up to 60 psi.

Natureline's Bi-Tron Tire Safety Solution utilize a complex chemistry of chemicals, fibres and liquids shown to be effective in extreme temperatures. Bi-Tron Tire Safety Solution remains liquid for the life of the tire and is distributed via centrifugal force. It does not affect the balance of the tire - should a tire not be properly balanced prior to installation of Bi-Tron Tire Safety Solution, or go out of balance at some point thereafter, it is simple to re-balance again. This is necessary to evenly distribute the Tire Safety Solution around the tire so it is not a factor in balancing the wheel. When a puncture occurs, thousands of strong, interlocking fibers form instantly in and around the puncture preventing the loss of air permanently for the remaining life of the tire.

In addition, Tire Safety Solution contains a rust inhibitor, protecting rims, valve stems, or steel belts on tires, and will not affect warranties on tires or wheels. Bi-Tron Tire Safety Solution is odourless, non flammable, will not damage clothing and is environmentally safe for discharge into a sewer system.

It does not contain synthetic latex or solvent-based plasticizers (which can dry out, ball-up, or break down due to heat).

How to use

Bi-Tron Tire Safety Solution

When installing we recommend that tires be balanced and road tested before the installation of Bi-Tron Tire Safety Solution.

Application Amount Calculator

Caution: Not compatible with fluid filled or internally ridged tires.

V or Z rated tires and Goodyear Eagle GA have internal structures which interfere with the even distribution of the product. Self Sealing Tires such as Vogue, Uniroyal Royal Seal, Goodyear self sealing contain chemicals which will negate the sealing properties of our Tire Safety Solution.

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